To Know Christ and Make Him Known

We are an active, inter-generational church in the heart of Augusta, Maine, seeking together to Know Christ and Make Him Known.


What to Expect on Sunday Mornings

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who attends Penney?

We are an intergenerational church, made up of children and young people and adults up into their 90’s. We aim to be friendly and active – but we aren’t perfect. We all have flaws and failings, but we have found salvation, hope and joy in the person of Jesus. He’s the one who first found us and who brings us all together.

What should I wear?

We welcome you to come as you are. The attire at Penney ranges from jeans and shorts to dresses and suits and ties. But we’re more concerned with the God we have come to worship and the value of each person who walks through the door than we are about outward appearances.

is there something for my children?

Yes! Nursery is provided during the service for children from 3 months to 3 years old.

Children from 4 years old to the 2nd grade join us for the first half of the worship service. We are an intergenerational church and value having the youngest members of the body participate and be included in our worship gathering. Sermon Sacks are available, with activities to help our young ones during the time they are in the service.

Right before the sermon, children in preschool through 2nd grade are dismissed for Children’s Church. Parents can pick them up there after the service is over.

what’s the service like?

We love music at Penney, and we love singing together great, God honoring songs that unite the generations. Our music ranges from more contemporary praise music to traditional hymns, led by a variety of instruments. Through much of the year, our wonderful vocal choir sings during the service as well.

Our pastor preaches biblically based sermons, that aim to clearly and practically communicate the meaning of the Scripture. Sermons are typically part of a series that moves us through a book of the Bible, with an occasional series addressing particular topics from the Scripture.


News and Events


Renewal Prayer, July 9th, 7pm

Once a month, we meet to seek God in prayer, praying for renewal of our church and our community in the Gospel.


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